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We, at Prime Academy Delhi provide excellent coaching and tuition for students of BA (Honours) Business Economics for all semesters. We have a team of expert and dedicated faculties who have developed extensive study materials to help our students in their preparations for various papers of Economics (Honours).

We Provide :

  1. Face to Face Offline Coaching at Hudson Lane, near North Campus DU
  2. Recorded Video Lectures for all the subjects and all semesters for BA Economics (Hons)
  3. Extensive Study Material  for all the subjects and all semesters for BA Economics (Hons)

The video Lectures are offered for the following subjects of BBE

SemesterSubjectsDuration of LecturesFee
IC2 – Micro Economics & Applications – I

GE – Introductory Micro Economics

GE – Calculus

GE – Statistical Methods
Rs. 6000 per subject
IIC3 – Micro Economics & Applications – II

C4 – Mathematics for Business Economics

GE – Introductory Probability

GE – Introductory Macro Economics
Rs. 6000 per subject
IIIC5 – Macro Economics & Applications – I

C6 – Statistics for Business Economics

C7 – Corporate Finance

SEC 1 – Quantitative Techniques for Management

GE – Differential Equations

GE – LP & Game Theory

GE – Money & Banking

GE – Basics of Statistical Inference
Rs. 6000 per subject
IVC8 – Macro Economics & Applications – II

C9 – Basic Econometrics

GE – Public Finance

GE – Elements of Analysis

GE – Applied Statistics
Rs. 6000 per subject
VDSE – Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

DSE – Applied Econometrics
Rs. 6000 per subject
VIDSE – Indian Economy

DSE – International Economics
Rs. 6000 per subject