GE – Differential Equations

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Course Content of Our Video Lectures

Lectures are Updated as per the Latest Syllabus for 2021

Unit 1 : Ordinary Differential Equations & Applications

Unit 2 : Explicit Methods of Solving Higher Order Linear Differential Equations

Unit 3 : First Order & Second Order Partial Differential Equations

End of Syllabus

Course Description

Course Objectives: This course includes a variety of methods to solve ordinary and partial differential equations with basic applications to real life problems. It provides a solid foundation to further in mathematics, sciences and engineering through mathematical modeling.

Course Learning Outcomes: This course will enable the students to learn:
(i) To analyze real-world scenarios to recognize when ordinary (or systems of) or partial differential equations are appropriate for creating an appropriate model.
(ii) Explicit methods of solving higher-order linear differential equations.
(iii) To solve first and second order PDE using method of characteristics, separation of variables, and reducing to suitable canonical form.

Course Contents:

Unit 1: Ordinary Differential Equations and Applications
First order exact differential equations, Integrating factors and rules to find integrating factors. Linear equations and Bernoulli equations, Orthogonal trajectories and oblique trajectories, Basic theory of higher order linear differential equations, Wronskian and its properties; Solving differential equation by reducing its order.

Unit 2. Explicit Methods of Solving Higher-Order Linear Differential Equations
Linear homogenous equations with constant coefficients, Linear non-homogenous equations, The method of undetermined coefficients, The method of variation of parameters, The Cauchy-Euler equation; Simultaneous differential equations.

Unit 3. First and Second Order Partial Differential Equations
Partial differential equations: Basic Concepts and definitions. Mathematical problems, First order equations: Classification, Construction, Geometrical interpretation. Method of characteristics, General solutions of first order partial differential equations. Canonical forms and method of separation of variables for first order partial differential equations. Classification of second order partial differential equations. Reduction to canonical forms. Second order partial differential equations with constant coefficients, General solutions.


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3. Ross, Shepley. L. (1984). Differential Equations (3rd ed.). John Wiley & Sons.
Additional reading:
Sneddon I. N. (2006). Elements of Partial Differential Equations. Dover Publications.