Introductory Development Economics

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Semester 5 Subjects

►Game Theory & Strategic Interactions

►Economic Growth & Business Cycles

►Introductory Development Economics

►DSE – Advanced Econometrics

►DSE – Law and Economics

►DSE – Environmental Economics

►DSE – Open Economics Macroeconomics

►DSE – Public Economics

Reading List of Introductory Development Economics

The Introductory Development Economics [ECON 015] Course for BA (Hons) Economics Semester V, Delhi University has been taught by Mr. Dheeraj Suri. The Video Lectures are based upon the books prescribed by the University of Delhi. The Duration of Video Lectures is approximately 55 Hours.

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This online coaching platform aims to provide a supportive and engaging learning environment for students to achieve academic success and excel in their Economics Honours program.

Demo Lectures for Introductory Development Economics

Course Introduction

Economic Inequality

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Exam Pattern

The Question Paper will be of 90 Marks

30 Marks for Internal Assessment

40 Marks for Continuos Assessment

90 Marks for End Term Theory Examination

[8 questions shall be asked, out of which any 5 (of 18 marks each) shall have to be attempted by the students]

Course Content of our Video Lectures

Lectures are Strictly as per Latest Syllabus for UGCF 2024

Unit I : Introducing Economic Development : Global Perspective

Chapter 1 : Introducing Economic Development

Number Video Lectures : 2

Duration of Video Lectures : 51 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 1 Todro M.P. & Smith S. C.

Topics Covered

Introduction to Some of World’s Biggest Questions,

How Living Levels Differ Around the World,

How Countries are Classified by their Average Levels of Development,

►Economics & Development Studies,

►The Meaning of Development,

►Happiness & Development,

►The Sustainable Development Goals,

Chapter 2 : Comparative Economic Development

Number Video Lectures : 2

Duration of Video Lectures : 51 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 2 Todro M.P. & Smith S. C.

Topics Covered

Developing Countries,

Conventional Comparisons of Average National Income,

Adjusting for Purchasing Power Parity,

►Other Common Country Classifications,

►Comparing Countries by Health & Education Levels,

►Human Development Index,

►Inequality & Absolute Poverty,

►Population Growth & Age Structure,

►Social Fractionalism, Level of Industrialisation, Natural Resource Endowments, Financial & Other Market Development,

►Quality of Institutions & External Dependence,

►Convergence of Developed & Developing Nations,

►Long Run Causes of Comparative Development,

Chapter 3 : Human Development Index

Number Video Lectures : 1

Duration of Video Lectures : 8 Minutes

Based Upon HDI Report 2016 Technical Note 1

Topics Covered

Creating Dimension Indices,

Computing HDI,

Unit II : Theories of Economic Development

Chapter 4 : Classic Theories of Economic Growth & Development

Number Video Lectures : 2

Duration of Video Lectures : 51 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 3 Todro M.P. & Smith S. C.

Topics Covered

The Linear Stages Theories,

Rostow’s Stages of Growth, The Harrod Domar Growth Model,

Structural Changes Models, The Lewis Theory of Economic Development, Criticisms of the Lewis Model,

►Structural Chnage & Patterns of Development,

►The International Dependence Revolution, The Neocolonial Dependence Model, The False Paradigm Model, The Dualistic Development Thesis,

►The NeoClassical Counter Revolution, public Choice Theory, Market Friendly Approach,

►The Solow NeoClassical Growth Model,

Unit III : The Strategy of Economic Development : Institutional Pathways

Chapter 5 : Problems of Capital Formation in Underdeveloped Countries

Number Video Lectures : 2

Duration of Video Lectures : 51 Minutes

Based Upon Nurkse Ragnar

Topics Covered

The Size of the Market and the Inducement to Invest,

The Theory of Development and the Idea of Balanced Growth,

Determinants of the Size of the Market,

►Structural Chnage & Patterns of Development,

►Determinants of the Size the Market,

►Balanced Growth & International Specialisation,

►The Traditional Pattern of Foreign Investment,

Chapter 6 : Linkages in Economic Development

Number Video Lectures : 3

Duration of Video Lectures : 74 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 3 Albert O. Hirschman

Topics Covered

Meaning of Linkages,

Backward & Forward Linkages,

Stimulus for Linkages,

►Linkages & Input Output Matrix,

►Linkages & Industrialisation,

►Criticism of Import Substituting Industrialisation,

Chapter 7 : Strategies for Economic Development

Number Video Lectures : 3

Duration of Video Lectures : 70 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 6 Amitva Krishna Dutt

Topics Covered

Development of Education and Human Capital,

Upgrading the Infrastructure,

Promoting Innovation and Technological Advancement,

Inclusive Growth and Social Welfare,

Suatainable Development,

Unit IV : Poverty and Inequality

Chapter 8 : Poverty as Capability Deprivation

Number Video Lectures : 2

Duration of Video Lectures : 115 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 4 Amartya Sen

Topics Covered

Poverty as Capability Deprivation,

Income Poverty and Capability Poverty,


Unemployment & Capability Deprivation,

Health Care and Mortality,

Poverty & Deprivation in India & Subsaharn Africa,

Gender Inequality & Missing Women,

Chapter 9 : Economic Inequality

Number Video Lectures : 5

Duration of Video Lectures : 198 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 6 Debraj Ray

Topics Covered

Meaning of Economic Inequality,

Measuring of Economic Inequality,

Four Criteria for Inequality Measurement, Anonymity Principle, Population Principle, Relative Income Principle and Dalton Principle,

Lorenz Curve,

Range, The Kuznets Ratios, Mean Absolute Devation, Standard Deviation and Gini Coefficient,

Chapter 10 : Poverty & Undernutrition

Number Video Lectures : 4

Duration of Video Lectures : 190 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 8 Debraj Ray

Topics Covered

Meaning of Poverty, Absolute or Relative Poverty, Temporary or Chronic Poverty,

Poverty Measures, Head Count Ratio, Poverty Gap Ratio, Income Gap Ratio,

Poverty Empirical Observations,

The Functional Impact of Poverty, Poverty Credit and Insurance,

Poverty, Credit and Insurance,

Poverty, Nutrition and Labour Markets, Nutrition and Work Capacity,

The Unequal Sharing of Poverty,

End of Syllabus

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Economics (H) Semester V [ UGCF 2024 ]

Video Lectures, PDF Notes, Mock Tests & Live Doubt Sessions are offered for the following Subjects for BA (Hons) Economics Semester V, Delhi University

Game Theory & Strategic Interactions (ECON 013)

Economic Growth & Business Cycles (ECON 014)

Introductory Deevlopment Economics (ECON 015)

Theory of Public Finance (ECON 061)

Money & Banking (ECON 062)

Introduction to Comparative Economic Development (ECON 064)

Principles of Microeconomics – II (ECON 027)

Corporate Finance, Governance & Development (ECON 067)