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The DSE 6 : Advanced Econometrics [ECON 036] Course for BA (Hons) Economics Semester V, Delhi University has been taught by Mr. Dheeraj Suri. The Video Lectures are based upon the books prescribed by the University of Delhi. The Duration of Video Lectures is approximately 55 Hours.

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This online coaching platform aims to provide a supportive and engaging learning environment for students to achieve academic success and excel in their Economics Honours program.

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Linear Regression in Matrix Form

Panel Data

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Exam Pattern

The Question Paper will be of 90 Marks

One Compulsory question of 10 Marks will be from Unit II

Five Questions of 20 Marks each will be from Unit III, IV & V out of which students will be required to attempt four

Internal assessment would comprise two class tests of 12 Marks each

The continuous assessment would comprise of 35 Marks tutorial assignment and individual class projects/group projects, where data is collected and analysed.

Tutorial attendence will carry 5 Marks

Course Content of our Video Lectures

Lectures are Strictly as per Latest Syllabus for UGCF 2024

Unit I : Stages in Empirical Econometric Research

Chapter 1 : The Nature of Econometrics

Number Video Lectures : 2

Duration of Video Lectures : 51 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 1 Wooldridge J.

Topics Covered

What is Econometrics,

Steps in Empirical Economic Analysis,

The Structure of Economic Data, Cross Sectional Data, Time Series Data, Pooled Cross Sections, Panel or Longitudinal Data,

►Causality & the Notion of Ceteris Paribus in Econometric Analysis,

Unit II : The Linear Regression Model

Chapter 2 : Simple Regression Model

Number Video Lectures : 2

Duration of Video Lectures : 51 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 2 Wooldridge J.

Topics Covered

Two Variable Linear Regression Model,

Population Regression Function, Sampke Regression Function,

Assumptions of CLRM, Method of Ordinary Least Squares,

►Goodness of Fit,

►Gauss Markov Theorem,

►Effect of Change of Scale on OLS Estimators and their Variances,

Chapter 3 : Multiple Regression Model

Number Video Lectures : 2

Duration of Video Lectures : 51 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 3 & Chapter 4 Wooldridge J.

Topics Covered

Regression Model with Two Independent Variables, Regression Model with K Independent Variables,

Obtaining the OLS Estimation, Interpreting the OLS Regression Equation,

►Goodness of Fit,

Sampling Distributions of the OLS Estimators,

►Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing of OLS Estimators,

►Overall Test of Significance,

Chapter 4 : Functional Form

Number Video Lectures : 2

Duration of Video Lectures : 51 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter2, Chapter 3 & Chapter 4 Wooldridge J.

Topics Covered

Log-Linear Regression Model,

Log-lin Regression Model, Lin-log Regression Model,

►Regression Through Origin,

Chapter 5 : Model Specification Bias

Number Video Lectures : 2

Duration of Video Lectures : 51 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 4 Wooldridge J.

Topics Covered

Under-Fitting Bias,

Over-fitting Bias,

Chapter 6 : The Linear Regression Model in Matrix Form

Number Video Lectures : 5

Duration of Video Lectures : 170 Minutes

Based Upon Appendix E Wooldridge J.

Topics Covered

Matrix Representation of Linear Regression,

OLS in Matrix Form,

Gauss Markov Theorem in Matrix Form,

Unit III : Limited Dependent Variables

Chapter 7 : Limited Dependent Variable

Number Video Lectures : 5

Duration of Video Lectures : 135 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 17 Wooldridge J. & Chapter 11 Stock & Watson

Topics Covered

Linear Probability Models,

Logit & Probit Models for Binary Response,

Interpreting Logit & Probit Estimates,

The Tobit Model, Interpreting Tobit Estimates,

Unit IV : Dynamic Econometric Models

Chapter 8 : Instrumental Variables

Number Video Lectures : 4

Duration of Video Lectures : 90 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 15 Wooldridge J.

Topics Covered

Introducing Instrumental Variable (IV),

Statistical Inference with IV Estimator,

Properties of IV with a Poor Instrumental Variable,

IV Estimation of the Multiple Regression Model,

Two Stage Least Squares, Multicollinearity and 2SLS,

IV Solutions to Errors-in-Variables Problems,

Testing for Endogeneity & Testing Overidentifying Restrictions,

Chapter 9 : Simultaneous Equations Models

Number Video Lectures : 4

Duration of Video Lectures : 90 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 15 Wooldridge J.

Topics Covered

Simultaneous Equations Introduction,

Simultaneity Bias in OLS,

Identifying and Estimating a Structural Equation,

Unit IV : Introduction to Econometric Software

Chapter 10 : Panel Data

Number Video Lectures : 4

Duration of Video Lectures : 90 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 13 Wooldridge J.

Topics Covered

Pooling Independent Cross Section Across Time,

The Chow Test for Structural Change,

Policy Analysis with Pooled Cross Sections,

Two Period Panel Data Analysis, Organizing Panel Data,

Policy Analysis with Two Period Panel Data,

Chapter 11 : Dynamic Econometric Models

Number Video Lectures : 1

Duration of Video Lectures : 60 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 14 Wooldridge J.

Topics Covered

Fixed Effects Transformation,

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