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The Indian Economy – II Course for BA (Hons) Economics Semester VI, Delhi University has been taught by Mr. Dheeraj Suri. The Video Lectures are based upon the books prescribed by the University of Delhi. The Duration of Video Lectures is approximately 25 Hours.

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Demo Lectures

Exam Pattern

  1. Internal Assessment: There will be two tests of 10 marks each and 5 marks will be allotted for attendance.
  2. Examination Pattern: Students would be required to answer any 5 out of 8 questions. Distribution of questions should be roughly proportional to the amount of reading material under each topic.

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Course Content of Our Video Lectures

Lectures are as per the Latest Syllabus for 2024

Unit 1 : Macroeconomic Policies and their Impact

Chapter 1 : India’s Stalled Rise

Based Upon Arvind Subramanian & Josh , 2021

Duration of Lectures : 65 Minutes

Chapter 2 : India’s Inward Turn

Based Upon Arvind Subramanian & Josh , 2021

Duration of Lectures : 89 Minutes

Chapter 3 : Indian Financial Sector

Based Upon Mohan, Rakesh & Partha Ray, 2017

Duration of Lectures : 147 Minutes

Chapter 4 : Trade & Investment Regimes

Based Upon Trade Policy Review

Duration of Lectures : 59 Minutes

Chapter 5 : Trade Policy reforms

Based Upon Harsh Vardhan Singh

Duration of Lectures : 50 Minutes

Chapter 6 : Labour Law & Their reforms

Based Upon Bhagwati & Panagariya, 2012

Duration of Lectures : 94 Minutes

Unit II : Policies and Performance in Agriculture

Chapter 7 : Accelerating Agricultural Productivity Growth [46 Minutes]

Based Upon World Bank Group

7.1 Contemporary Agriculture [25 Minutes]

7.2 Contemporary Agriculture [21 Minutes]

Chapter 8 : 25 Years of Policy Tinkering in Agriculture [108 Minutes]

Based Upon Ashok Gulati & Shweta Saini, 2017

8.1 Policy Tinkering [49 Minutes]

8.2 Policy Tinkering [36 Minutes]

8.2 Policy Tinkering [23 Minutes]

Chapter 9 : Agrarian Performance & Food Price Inflation in India [90 Minutes]

Based Upon Sthanu R Nair & Leena Mary Eapen, 2015

9.1 Agrarian Performance [37 Minutes]

9.2 Agrarian Performance [53 Minutes]

Unit III : Policies and Performance in Industry

Chapter 10 : Make What in India [75 Minutes]

Based Upon C Veeramani & G Dhir, 2017

10.1 Global Production Networks [29 Minutes]

10.2 Global Production Networks [29 Minutes]

10.3 Global Production Networks [17 Minutes]

Chapter 11 : Make in India [77 Minutes]

Based Upon IMF Working Paper

11.1 Make in India [36 Minutes]

11.2 Make in India [41 Minutes]

Chapter 12 : FDI & Portfolio Investment Flows [79 Minutes]

Based Upon Nagesh Kumar, 2014

12.1 Foreign Direct Investment [37 Minutes]

12.2 Foreign Direct Investment [42 Minutes]

Chapter 13 : Economic Growth without Employment [86 Minutes]

Based Upon J J Thomas, 2018

13.1 Jobless Growth [38 Minutes]

13.2 Industrial Growth Since 1990s [48 Minutes]

Unit IV : Trends and Performance in Services

Chapter 14 : Services Led Growth [73 Minutes]

Based Upon Rupa Chadha, 2012

14.1 Service Led Growth [36 Minutes]

14.2 Service Led Growth [37 Minutes]

Chapter 15 : Services for Indian Manufacturing [55 Minutes]

Based Upon Rupa Chadha, 2017

15.1 Services for Manufacturing [20 Minutes]

15.2 Services for Manufacturing [35 Minutes]

[ Indian Economy – II ] Syllabus as Prescribed by DU


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