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The Open Economy Macroeconomics Course for BA (Hons) Economics Semester VI, Delhi University has been taught by Mr. Dheeraj Suri. The Video Lectures are based upon the books prescribed by the University of Delhi. The Duration of Video Lectures is approximately 30 Hours.

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Demo Lectures

Open Economy Macroeconomics Lecture 4.1
Open Economy Macroeconomics Lecture 4.2

Exam Pattern

  1. Internal Assessment: There will be two tests of 10 marks each and 5 marks will be allotted for attendance.
  2. Examination Pattern: Students would be required to answer any 5 out of 8 questions. Distribution of questions should be roughly proportional to the amount of reading material under each topic.

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Course Content of Our Video Lectures

Lectures are as per the Latest Syllabus for 2024

Unit 1 : Review of Preliminaries

Chapter 1 : National Income Accounting

Duration of Lectures : 102 Minutes

Based Upon : KOM Chapter 13

Topics Covered

►National Income Accounts, GDP, NNP,

►Consumption, Investment, Government Purchases,

►Balance of Payments,

Chapter 2 : Exchange Rates & Foreign Exchange Market

Duration of Lectures : 169 Minutes

Based Upon : KOM Chapter 14

Topics Covered

►Exchange Rates & Relative Prices,

►Spot Rates & Forward Rates, Futures & Options,

►Risk & Liquidity, Interest Rates, Exchange Rates & Asset Returns,

►Interest Parity, Effect of Change in Interest Rates on

Chapter 3 : Money, Interest Rates & Exchange Rates

Duration of Lectures : 200 Minutes

Based Upon : KOM Chapter 15

Topics Covered

►Money Definition,

►Risk & Liquidity,

►Equilibrium in Money Market, Interest Rates & Money Supply,

►Money Supply & Exchange Rate in the Short Run,

►Money Supply & Exchange Rate in the Long Run,

►Inflation and Exchange Rate Dynamics,

Unit 2 : Open Economy Macroeconomics & Exchange Rates

Chapter 4 : Price Levels & Exchange Rate in the Long Run

Duration of Lectures : 60 Minutes

Based Upon : KOM Chapter 16

Topics Covered

►Purchasing Power PPP, Absolute & Relative PPP,

►Long Run Exchange Rate Model Based upon PPP,

►Problems with PPP,

►Beyond Purchasing Power Parity,

Chapter 5 : Output & Exchange Rate in the Short Run

Duration of Lectures : 308 Minutes

Based Upon : KOM Chapter 17

Topics Covered

►Determinants of Aggregate Demand in Open Economy,

►The Equation of Aggregate Demand,

►DD Schedule,

►AA Schedule,

►Temporary Changes in Monetary & Fiscal Policy,

►Permanent Shifts in Monetary & Fiscal Policy,

►J Curve, Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Inflation

Chapter 6 : Fixed Exchange Rates & Foreign Exchange Intervention

Duration of Lectures : 232 Minutes

Based Upon : KOM Chapter 18

Topics Covered

►Central Bank Intervention and the Money Supply,

►How the Central Bank Fixes the Exchange Rate,

►Stabilization with Fixed Exchange Rate,

►Balance of Payment Crisis and Capital Flight,

►Managed Floating and Sterilized Intervention,

►Reserve Currencies in the World Monetary System,

►The Gold Standard,

Unit 3 : International Macroeconomic Policy

Chapter 7 : International Monetary Systems

Duration of Lectures : 60 Minutes

Based Upon : KOM Chapter 19

Topics Covered

►Macroeconomic Policy Goals in an Open Economy,

►The Open Economy Trilemma,

►International Macroeconomic Policy Under the Gold Standard,

►The Interwar Years,

►The Bretton Woods System and the International Monetary Fund,

►Analysing Policy Options for Internal and External Balance,

Chapter 8 : Optimum Currency Area and the European Experience

Duration of Lectures : 60 Minutes

Based Upon : KOM Chapter 20

Topics Covered

►How European Single Currency Evolved,

►The Euro and Economic Policy in the Euro Zone,

►The Theory of Optimum Currency Area,

Chapter 9 : Developing Countries Growth, Crisis, and Reform

Duration of Lectures : 60 Minutes

Based Upon : KOM Chapter 22

Topics Covered

►Income, Wealth, and Growth in the World Economy,

►Structural Features of Developing Countries,

►Developing-Country Borrowing and Debt,

►East Asia: Success and Crisis,