Intermediate Mathematical Methods for Economics

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The Intermediate Mathematical Methods for Economics [ MME – II ] [ECON 005] Course for BA (Hons) Economics Semester II, Delhi University has been taught by Mr. Dheeraj Suri. The Video Lectures are based upon the books prescribed by the University of Delhi. The Duration of Video Lectures is approximately 70 Hours.

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Demo Lectures

1.1 Vectors Introduction
Directional Derivatives
Directional Derivatives Lecture #2
Quasi Concave & Quasi Convex
MME II 2021 Paper Q1
Intermediate MME 2023 Paper Q1

Readings Suggested by DU

  • Sydsaeter, K., Hammond, P. (2002). Mathematics for economic analysis, Pearson Educational.
  • Hoy, M., Livernois, J., McKenna, C., Rees, R., Stengos, T. (2001). Mathematics for Economics, Prentice-Hall India.

Course Content of Our Video Lectures

Lectures are as per Latest Syllabus for 2024 UGCF

Unit I : Linear Algebra

Chapter 1 : Linear Algebra : Vectors & Matrices

Duration of Video Lectures : 953 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 12 Sydsaeter K., Hammond P.

Topics Covered

►Vectors Introduction, Operations on Vectors, Linear Combination of Vectors,

►Geometric Interpretation of Vectors,

►The Scalar Product of Vectors, Orthogonal Vectors,

►Economic Applications based upon the Scalar Product of Vectors,

►Proving Questions based upon the Scalar Product of Vectors,

►Equations of Lines and Planes,

►Questions from recent Eco (H) Examinations,

►Matrices Introduction & Matrix Operations

►Matrix Multiplication, Rules for Matrix Multiplication, Idempotent Matrix, Nilpotent Matrix, Orthogonal Matrix,

►Economic Applications based upon matrix multiplication,

►Markov Analysis,

►Transpose of a Matrix, Symmetric and Skew Symmetric Matrix,

►Reading Back Questions Solutions,

Chapter 2 : Determinants & Matrix Inversion

Duration of Video Lectures : 548 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 13 Sydsaeter K., Hammond P.

Topics Covered

►Determinants of Order 2,

►Determinants of Order 3,

►Determinants of Order n,

►Basic Rules for Determinants,

►Expansion by Cofactors, Adjoint of a Matrix,

►The Inverse of a Matrix, Properties of Inverse, Inverse of a Matrix by elementary row operations,

►Solution of Linear Equations by Matrix Inversion Method,

►Economic Applications based on System of Equations,

►Cramer’s Rule, Homogeneous System of Equations,

►Economic Applications based on Cramer’s Rule,

►Questions from recent Eco (H) Examinations,

►Leontief Input Output Model,

►Reading Back Questions Solutions,

Chapter 3 : Further Topics in Linear Algebra

Duration of Video Lectures : 540 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 14 Sydsaeter K., Hammond P.

Topics Covered

►Linear Combination of Vectors, Convex Combination of Vectors,

►Linearly Dependent & Independent Vectors,

►Linearly Span of Vectors,

►The Rank of a Matrix,

►Solution of Equations by Rank Criterion, Superfluous Equations, Degrees of Freedom,

►Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors,


►The Spectral Theorem for Symmetric Matrices,

►Reading Back Questions Solutions,

Unit II : Functions of Several Real Variables

Chapter 4 : Functions of Several Variables

Duration of Video Lectures : 453 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 15 Sydsaeter K., Hammond P.

Topics Covered

►Functions of Two Variables, Functions of More Than Two Variables, Domain of Functions of Several Variables,

►Geometric Representation of Functions of Several Variables, Level Curves for Z = f (x, y),

►Partial Derivatives with Two Variables, Higher Order Partial Derivatives,

►Partial Derivatives and Tangent Planes,

►Partial Derivatives with Many Variables, Young’s Theorem,

►Partial Derivatives in Economics, Production Functions, Marginal and Average Product of Inputs, Utility Functions, Marginal Utility,

►Linear Models with Quadratic Objectives, OLS Estimation of Linear Regression,

►Quadratic Forms in Two Variables, Quadratic Forms with Linear Constraints,

►Quadratic Forms in Many Variables,

►Reading Back Questions Solutions,

Chapter 5 : Tools for Comparative Statics

Duration of Video Lectures : 1020 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 16 Sydsaeter K., Hammond P.

Topics Covered

►The Chain Rule, Directional Derivatives,

►General Chain Rules, Leibniz’s Formula,

►Derivatives of Functions Implicitly Defined, The General Equation for the Tangent,

►Partial Elasticities, The Elasticity of Substitution,

►Homogeneous Functions of Two Variables, Geometric Aspects of Homogeneous Functions,

►General Homogeneous & Homothetic Functions, Euler’s Theorem,

►More on Implicit Differentiation,

►Linear Approximation and Differentials, Invariance of the Differential,

►System of Equations, Finding Partial Derivatives from Differentials,

►The Implicit Function Theorem,

►Reading Back Questions Solutions,

Unit III : Multivariate Optimization

Chapter 6 : Multivariate Optimization

Duration of Video Lectures : 640 Minutes

Based Upon Chapter 17 Sydsaeter K., Hammond P.

Topics Covered

►Simple Two Variable Optimization,

►Maxima and Minima with a Dash of Topology, Topology in a Plane,

►The Extreme Value Theorem,

►Local Extreme Points,

►Convex Sets, Concave and Convex Functions, Jensen’s Inequality,

►Second Derivative Tests for Concavity/Convexity,

►Quasi Concave and Quasi Convex Functions,

►Reading Back Questions Solutions,

Previous Year Questions (PYQ’s)

MME II : 2022 Paper

Duration of Video Lectures : 77 Minutes

MME II : 2018 Paper

Duration of Video Lectures : 230 Minutes

MME II : 2021 Paper

Duration of Video Lectures : 166 Minutes